Updating an 80s kitchen

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Updating an 80s kitchen

8 For continuity, Scales had the cabinetry and shelving in the dining area made of the same walnut used in the kitchen.

To distinguish the two, the quartz counter here is shallower.

The kitchen had a contemporary feel for 1989, but for 2013 the owner was hoping for a softer, more family friendly feel.

Creamy colors and deep granite were swapped for crisp shades of white and grey mixed with Carrara marble.

“It’s confetti style, which has a very contemporary look,” says Scales.

While you might be tapped out financially after fitting a new kitchen, something that is a really nice addition is new tableware to complement the kitchen style.

For this kitchen, the owner invested in Juliska Pewter Stoneware.

Van Slyke said her most effective update was painting the cabinets white and adding height.

“It immediately lightened and modernized the space,” she told TODAY Home.

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