Nsarraycontroller selection not updating rowupdating which wasn t handled

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Nsarraycontroller selection not updating

Our aim is to create an editable version of that core data store that we can managed on the Mac and then imported into the i OS app.

The first step is to add an OS X target to the World Facts Xcode project.

Convinced that it could not be that hard I thought I would give it a go and share my work.

I have an i OS Core Data example app in my Git Hub repository which will serve as a test.

We use NSArray's "init With Contents Of File_" method to read in the file if it is found.This issue is still worth fixing for the remaining of Polymer users, but it is now a lower priority for us.We are interested in moving back to Polymer's dropdowns again in the future.With the project highlighted in the Xcode Navigator pane use the “ ” button to add a target: Choose the “Cocoa Application” template for the new target from the OS X section: The product name for the target needs to be unique within the Xcode project so we will call the OS X target .We will also stick to Objective-C for now and use both Storyboards and Core Data as with the i OS project: The Xcode project should now contain a new OS X target named World Facts Builder with the basic template files for a core data OS X app stored in a new folder named after the target.

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