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No matter one’s opinion of Kabbalah or Jewish mysticism as a whole, there is no denying that many find clarity and peace in its tenets all the same.

Anyone on a spiritual journey may want to consider reading over what all it potentially offers – just be respectful of any restrictions that may come up along the way.

Without any doubts whatsoever, I would highly recommend anyone to call.

I am so thankful for The Kabbalah Centre, because it has made all the difference in my spiritual growth and development.

If you've spent any time browsing the shelves in the New Age section of your local bookstore, you'll know that it pertains to magical beliefs and practices, everything from palmistry, numerology, astrology, time travel, and reincarnation to summoning demons and raising the dead, but mostly to mysticism--the felt conviction that there is a sacred, underlying unity to the world and that the divine presence can be experienced directly, rather than through the intermediary of organized religion. Some people claim that the word cabal (meaning a small group of secret plotters) originated in Restoration England as an acronym for Charles II's hated inner circle of advisors: Clifford of Chudleigh, Ashley (Lord Shaftesbury), Buckingham (George Villiers), Arlington (Henry Bennet), and Lauderdale (John Maitland).

To that end, Kabbalah involves meditation, ecstatic dance, chanting, and other practices that are reminiscent of Sufism (the mystical form of Islam) and many Eastern religions. Indeed, this group was referred to by that name, but the word had already acquired its meaning.

“It’s going to be a full schedule,” Matt said, “and Shavuot is a special event. It’s the quintessential Kabbalistic holiday.” Matt will be speaking at Temple for a variety of sessions over Memorial Day weekend and will be the scholar-in-residence for the Tikkun Leil Shavuot.

Matt recently completed an 18-year project translating nine of the 12 books of the Zohar, and said his interest in the topic came from his father, a Conservative rabbi.

The Los Angeles-based organization announced Berg's death on its website Monday.“He never mentioned Kabbalah or Chassidism, but I felt such a genuine spirituality from him, it inspired me to look for that in Judaism,” Matt said from his home in Berkeley, Calif., where he will be teaching at the Graduate Theological Union after taking an 18-year hiatus to write the translations. I took Beginning and Advanced Zohar at the same time. I was totally lost in Advanced Zohar, but that didn’t matter because I was totally lost in Beginning Zohar!” Matt calls the Zohar very challenging, poetic, and symbolic texts.Kabbalah, one form of Jewish mysticism, stirs up plenty of controversy amongst religious and secular organizations alike.Some dismiss it as claptrap re-appropriated and regurgitated by the New Age movement and unscrupulous con artists, while others believe that there is a kernel of truth provided students and teachers meet stringent requirements.

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Can you imagine a world where everyone knows that we each are a spark of the same Divine Light, regardless of our modality of prayer or unique pathway to God? Road to Transformation: Get out your running shoes! Kabbalah teaches us that during these forty-nine days following Pesach, we need to take great care in...

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