Intelliscreen not updating weather sothic dating

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Intelliscreen not updating weather

If you would like to update the location manually at any time, simply tap the weather area.

If you would like to set the location permanently, you can do so inside the i OS 5 Weather app.

Intelli Screen X uses the i OS 5 Notification Center.

You can edit what is displayed in the notification center by opening i OS 5 Settings, and tapping Notifications.

You can turn widgets on and off, rearrange the order, and apply widget specific settings.

Under Intelli Screen X settings, you'll find the Mail, Facebook, Twitter, and RSS widgets which can be enabled/disabled and reordered individually as well.

For example if you wish to see the exact street you're on you a high accuracy value for this parameter.

app on my i Phone 6S using the latest update of i OS 10.

Instead, it is updated no more than once every 12 hours (on display).Being able to use the weather app from the phone to get information for widgets seemed a very good idea after Subywrex originally figured out how to use the libweather.plist a ways back to get information for widgets (Native Weather) Unfortunately at the time we had no way to get the information from apples encrypted plist.Widget Weather changes all of that King_O_Hill and I had asked a developer (unknowingly at the same time lol) if there was a way to be able to read the information from the weather app on the phone as well as get it to update on its own.That means, based on previous location event, another location update will only be received after exceeding distance Filter value distance.gps desired accuracy - Refers to how accurate your location data should be.

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A Distance filter that will determine how often it will update based on distance traveled from your last location, not time.

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