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Your profile picture is the first thing any potential match sees before reading into your personality and hobbies, so it's SUPER important.

A Florida State University study revealed that short-term anger can benefit marriage, because it signals to a partner that certain behaviors are unacceptable.Keiza explains that there are always reasons why you fall for someone, “If you really think about it, if you really break it down, you’ll find actual reasons why a woman is or isn’t attracted to a man. ” A married man, who is looking to seduce a woman he loves, can utilize these top 7 techniques to get their woman into bed and keep her happy.Most men think that pleasing a woman means agreeing with everything she says."With this in mind, it's time to step up your sexy selfie game!In the video above, dating coach Dina Colada gives some seriously helpful tips to up your profile pic game.


Dating behaviors and patterns are heavily influenced by the dating norms that exist within a person’s geographical region.