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Sorry ahead of time for those that like lists more than reading.. One long run on sentence for a post just doesn't do it for me, and it's bothersome. So no, I won't join you that requires more than one on one rping.

I brought back the length of words because people just don't seem to get it otherwise... Sometimes it's even hard to read because I don't know where things end or should have a pause. (even if it's when we're trying to discuss rp or just talk) is lame.

For detailed information, visit Not sure if I will get a response but I'm gonna try.

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Ok, I love love love role play, and I tried to do it on omegle every now and then, but omegle keeps clutching, it doesn't let me send some things! There may be one or two, but I doubt they are well known.

My AOL/AIM name Alptraumfolter is the name I rp on.

Any questions as to what I'll do, please ask but if it's already on here, I'll tell you to read. It's been too many years since I've gone to a group chat, so it makes me rather uncomfortable to even try.

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