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She is launching a public awareness campaign to try to train police, emergency room doctors, DCF workers, schools and the public to identify and treat these sex trafficking minors as victims rather than prostitutes.

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All the DFC cases so far have been runaways who were typically approached by pimps within the first 24 hours.

Besides Connecticut’s major cities, pimps sell children for sex by the hour in New Britain, East Hartford, New London and Norwalk and along the Berlin Turnpike, among other places. DCF officials reported that they were aware of 14 girls in New Haven who had been sold for sex in 20.

Having skipped out on school and run away from her group home for foster children in Mystic, she had nowhere else to go, so she accepted. The process soon became a routine, as the girl was shuttled house to house in a haze to have sex with various men. And there are likely many more child sex slaves who never get reported.

He was charming, showered her with attention and offered her drugs. These children are forced to have sex often multiple times a day with strangers in motels and apartments in Bridgeport, New Haven and Hartford, and in private homes in Fairfield County. The problem has gotten the attention of Joette Katz, the new commissioner of the Department of Children and Families.

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They thought they were chatting online with a 10-year-old girl in the Philippines.